Symposium on Frontier of Biofunctional Chemistry

ISBC 2017 Pre-Symposium Meeting, Suzukakedai campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology

― 12th December 2017 ―

Symposium on Frontier of Biofunctional Chemistry
date12th December 2017, 10:00 ~ 17:15 (registration opens 9:30 ~)

venue Lecture room 1, Suzukake hall, Suzukake-Dai Campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology

SponsorEducation Academy of Computational Life Science (ACLS)


9:30-Registration opens

10:00-10:05Opening remarks

10:05-11:05Design of Functional Metalloprotein Complexes

Akif Tezcan (University of California, San Diego)

11:05-11:30Metal–peptide nanostructures with unique entanglements

Tomohisa Sawada (The University of Tokyo)

11:30-11:55Self-assembling peptides for biomaterial application

Hiroshi Tsutsumi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)


13:10-14:10Giant Protein Assemblies in Nature and by Design

Todd O. Yeates (University of California, Los Angeles)

14:10-14:35Crystallographic studies of metallo-DNA nanostructures

Jiro Kondo (Sophia University)

14:35-15:00Metal-dependent regulation of structures and functions of DNA supramolecules

Yusuke Takezawa (The University of Tokyo)


15:20-15:45Effect of chemical modifications on stability of nucleic acid structures

Yoshiaki Masaki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

15:45-16:10Multiblock Molecules for Membrane Functionalization

Takahiro Muraoka (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)

16:10-16:15Closing remarks

Unfortunately, talk of Prof. Jonathan Clayden was cancelled.

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Thank you for coming our website. On-line Registration was closed.

We will accept on-site registration. So please come to the venue if you would like to join.

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map & directions

map & directions to suzukakedai campus

Lecture room 1, Suzukake hall

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organizing committee

chair:Takafumi Ueno (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Kazushi Kinbara (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

members:Yusuke Takezawa (The University of Tokyo)

Hiroshi Tsutsumi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Satoshi Abe (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Yoshiaki Masaki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

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